FAIRHOTEL isn´t just another no name hotel chain. It is a dream come true for couple from Moravia. Zdeněk Rous and Hana Rousová are specialists in microscopy who have travelled the world and decided to turn their experince into their own hotel. While Zdeněk Rous takes care of budget and everyhing practical with sense of humor and straightforwardness, Hana Rousová has been builders´ and designers´ right-hand since the cornerstone. Through her hands passed every single piece of fabric and furniture you will meet at FAIRHOTEL. Thanks to her eye-for-detail and emphasis on quality our hotel has an unmistakable look and feel. However if you need anything during your stay, you will probably have a chance to meet their daughter and hotel manager Kamila. Thanks to fighting spirit learnt in rugby she is able to manage pretty much anything.