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Mozzarellart Andel

Mozzarellart is the first producer of handmade mozzarella in Prague. This shop and its concept of production is absolutely unique not only in Prague but in the whole Czech Republic. Motto that we follow every day is simple : Italian tradition, Czech milk. This unique formula allows us to create cheese that have exceptional quality and freshness. Every day we produce mozzarella, burrata, ricotta, scamorza and many others. Even though they all have different taste there is one thing that they have in common: They are all being produced without the use of preservative or any other added substances. Only handmade and unpasteurized milk from a local farm. We are doing what we believe in: mozzarella is the kind of food that is alive. It strongly depends on the craft of the producer, the quality of milk and the amount of love and passion that the producer puts inside. We believe that mozzarella should be made only from natural things (milk, salt and rennet). It is thanks to this that we are able to provide products of exceptionally high quality. Everyone can see the creative process of our products in front of their eyes, in our shop.